The Name Game Ė The People of Michael Andrews - January 25th, 2011

When you call Michael Andrews it will save you lots of time if you have a last name. First names alone can get you in trouble. Our regular staff includes two Dennisí, two Billís, two Kentís, two Joeís, two John/Jonís, two Markís, two Christine/Kristineís and seven, yes seven Mikeís.

The singular names contain a traditional arc that begins with Alicia, Bea and Brendan and ends with Jason, Jamie and Phillip. We have, both Frankie and Johnny, as well as Sam and Dave. Thereís Charles during the day and Cliff at night. There wouldnít be a Brian if it wasnít for Jacki. On Thursday thereís Bruce. The quiet strength of the company comes from Gary, Sandy, Tony and Henry. And once in a while, Fred stops in.

Our more colorful names include Andre, Emilio, Hiram and Orlando. If it has to do with numbers itís Kelvin and if itís road cases itís Audho. Oscar is an award winner. And Michael Andrews has to be the only company in New York with a Rashaird, a Roch and a Yobanis.

Thereís lots of back story to this article. If you want to know more you have to call. And no matter who you get, you will find a friendly voice. Do yourself a favor and get to know us.


Going Green - August 1, 2010

Michael Andrews is proud to announce the institution of a “Going Green” policy and detail some of our environmentally-friendly efforts in this critical area.

All of the company’s previously printed documents have been digitized, leading to a 58% decrease in white paper usage.  Request forms used for equipment repair and purchase, vacation scheduling and travel expenditure tracking now have revised approval procedures and new digital storage policies for easy retrieval.

We have eliminated all of the disposable plates and cups from our company kitchen.  Each employee has been issued a ceramic plate, utensil kit, coffee mug and 16oz drinking cup.  Dish racks have been installed in the kitchen and everyone has pitched-in to keep our workplace clean.  An added benefit has occurred with the wonderful bonding experience of waiting “in line” to prepare food or wash dishes.

In the shops and offices, older lighting devices have been replaced with energy-efficient lamps.  Despite our offices being located in a commercial zone of New York City (with no recycling pickup available), we have purchased dedicated recycling bins and make weekly runs to a Recycling Center to process glass, plastic, metal cans and white paper.  Additionally, each employee turns off their computer at the end of the work day, electric heaters (in winter) have been removed and more efficient central HVAC has been installed.

As a company, Michael Andrews is taking the “think globally, act locally” philosophy very seriously and we encourage our business friends to do the same.


Premier Issue - January 1, 2010

Amazingly, time has flown by and Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services has already been around for over twenty years, 1987-2009.   And it has been an incredible time.

Working with the newest audio visual technology and great co-workers on thousands of events for fantastic clients in the most exciting city in the world has been extraordinary.  It has been a marvelous learning experience.

Where do we go from here?  A new name for one, we are now Michael Andrews.  A re-branded logo is finished and a re-designed website is approaching completion. Is a website ever really complete?  The monthly newsletter will be arriving shortly.

And by embracing the creative growth the company has been undergoing for the past two decades, we look to add a variety of imaginative offerings to the technical specialties that we presently put forward in the areas of video, data, audio, lighting, scenic and staging.

Michael Andrews would like to invite all of you, our business friends, to join us as we move into our next twenty years and continue to grow and redefine our range and scope of services.

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