Just talked to CJP- they are SOOOOOO happy. Said AV couldn’t have gone better and they were so impressed at how we handled the many moving parts of this event. Thank you so much to you and your team!

Special Event Coordinator

Thanks so much for your follow-up. You can dispose of the disc – no need to keep or send back.

Everything was wonderful, your techs were great and all the equipment was perfect. The day could not have run smoother. Thank you for you attention to detail and thoroughness in prepping for this event.

Very much appreciate all your help.


Assistant to Chairman & CEO

I think pretty flawless and your guys did a great job on the focus once they got the time......not a complaint today and for good reason. Pretty perfect. The boys need a free cup of coffee at least.

Cheers buddy and if I don't see ya.....have a lovely holiday.

Tom Janus Inc

Another successfully year. Please thank the usual and new guys on the crew last night for doing a great job. Thank you for always taking care of us for the annual shindig. Hopefully with our new private event space we'll be able to do some projects throughout the year together.


Pellegrino Entertainment Group

Could not have gone better. Thank you so much and please thank the crew for me. They were all fantastic to work with. Really nice guys and great at what they do.

I need to be in touch with you next time I am in NYC for other events. You guys are great.


JWI Events

I wanted to thank you for all the help with our event. Despite our very short notice you manage to accommodate. Also, your setup crew was very professional and lightning fast.

Looking forward to call on you in the future,

Blue Harbour Events


The Color Force striplights are everything I heard they were - and still exceeded my expectations. The whites and ambers actually beat the VLX, and the blue is dark and rich like the MAC 301. Congratulations on making such a great purchase, and thanks for renting them to us!

Hope to talk to you again soon,

Jason Marin
Lighting Designer

Great! Thanks Bill. The night was great, and the screen/stage looked awesome, and your guys were great to work with! Thank everyone at MAAVS for me.

Annie Bonner
Director of Events

The in house AV guy came up to me as we were all about to depart.....and told me that he's never heard our clients say such good things about what was done in their room...

“Your guys are great....You make us look good.”

Chris Reilly
Event Producer

I am delighted with the way that you guys always send me top class equipment and ensure that I have everything I need to deliver a professional show.

MAAVS always supply top grade technicians I can trust to be the main support for the show with in-depth equipment knowledge and good client facing skills.

Graham Bailey
London, UK

First of all, the event was a huge success partly due to the high level of professionalism and competency that Matt, Greg and MAAVS brought to the table (why am I not surprised?). Due to my experiences starting with you a week ago right through the event, the only way I don't use MAAVS for all and any future events will be if you are too busy to take us on.

Pat Henry
Director, Meeting and Event Technology

I had thought the ART of Customer Service was DEAD! That is, until I worked with Michael Andrew Audio Visual Services. I just wanted to take time out to say thank you for taking the time to make my small event a success. For this show I had contacted 3 other companies. They were either slow in responding, tried to push me in a direction of more equipment or different equipment that my show didn’t need.

You took the time to listen to my needs and then put together a comprehensive package that included everything I needed at a price my client could afford.

Ted Cumpston

I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent work done yesterday at our Board of Trustees Meeting at The Harvard Club.

Robert, Tim and Frank were excellent and are professionals at what they do. It was a pleasure working with them. The set-up look fantastic!

Again, I appreciate all the help you gave me in making this very important meeting a great success.

Best regards!

Jean Vallez
Assistant Secretary of the Corporation

I wanted to thank you and your team for an excellent job with our event at the Modern this morning. Your team was professional, diligent, hard working, and sleep deprived in their effort to solidify the infrastructure last night. Their dedication resulted in a near flawless presentation today – a few minor glitches that did not impact the overall effect in the slightest. It was one of the smoothest events, from an AV perspective, that I have had the privilege of working. Thanks to all at Michael Andrews – you’re in the VMS Rolodex and I would highly recommend your company in the future.

Thanks again!

Diane J. Huff
Director of Networks, Infrastructure

To say that last night was a success is an understatement of huge proportions. While working with the Trade Commission is always challenging, this particular event took on a life of its own and proved to be one of the biggest challenges we've ever faced. The demands and changes came to us every single day for months and the pressure put on all of us was incredibly intense.

Everything about last night worked. From the Italian flags everywhere, the step and repeat, the fabulous room decor, to the quality of the attendees, the food and wine, etc., this is the first time I have been part of a perfect evening event with perfect results. The most important part of the evening was having Dr. Musella tell me how happy he was with every detail. And believe me, if he's happy, Hearst is happy!

To have the results we had last night proved once again, that the Hearst team is beyond talented, energetic, flexible and creative.

Everyone on this To: list worked so hard with such fabulous results that I honestly don't know how to say thank you. Except to say -- thank you. I'm so proud to be part of the Hearst team.

Valerie Salembier
Sr. VP/Publisher

I was just going to email you

Robert and his crew were the ultimate professionals, event was flawless and there were no glitches or strange pauses!!!

A couple of weird power points- but they were corrected and adjusted and made perfect!!

I actually sat with Robert all day because that was where the fun people were :-)
Can't wait to work with you again!!!

All the best!


The event was a huge success and the sound was absolutely amazing. I hope I can convince MAAVS to join us again in June, 2010. Gil was great to work with, everything arrived on time and the bands sounded perfect. Would love feedback from Gil once he’s back around.

Many thanks!

Susie Lupert
Executive Director

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